BFM Consortium Agreement

The development of the BFM is supported by a formal agreement, which establishes a program for model development that is discussed and prepared every year by the participants. Model developments are inserted by the System Team into the different releases of the model. The agreement is open to entrance of more contributors and more information can be requested to BFM-Community System Team.

The Consortium organization is detailed in the BFM agreement and current members of the consortium are: CMCC, OGS, UNIBO, UCT, and SYKE.

System Team & Work Plan

Here below the chronology of work plan documents approved by the Steering Committee

System Team Coordinator: Momme Butenschön (CMCC)

Scientific Leader: Paolo Lazzari (OGS)

Steering Committee members:

System Team members

UNIBO DIFA : Nadia Pinardi Lorenzo Mentaschi Luca Giacomelli      
CMCC : Tomas Lovato Momme Butenschön Giulia Bonino Andrea Russo Simona Masina  
OGS : Eva Alvarez Leslie Aveytua Giorgio Bolzon Donata Canu Gianpiero Cossarini Valeria Di Biagio
  Célia Laurent Paolo Lazzari Guido Occhipinti Marco Reale Ginevra Rosati Cosimo Solidoro
UCT : Marcello Vichi Abdoulkadri Chama Giles Fearon Mark Hague Riesna Audh Shantelle Smith
  Jonathan Rogerson          
SYKE : Letizia Tedesco Elina Miettunen Iael Perez