Biogeochemical Flux Model

Scientific modelling framework to simulate the biogeochemical cycles in marine ecosystems

What is BFM, exactly?

The Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM) is an open source code to simulate the dynamics of major biogeochemical properties in lower trophic levels of marine ecosystems. Learn more ...

Our mission is to enhance the understanding of worldwide marine ecosystem by delivering a modelling framework at best of present-day scientific knowledge.

Get the code

You can get the latest release (V5.3) by compiling this form.

After the form submission, an email will be automatically sent to you with a temporary link to download the code compressed archive.

BFM is an open source software freely available under the GNU Public License (GPL v3).


Get started with the installation and first use Quick Guide.

Reference manuals from BFM Report Series:

  • BFM Core Manual (pdf)

  • BFM-NEMO Coupling (pdf)

  • BFM-POM1D Coupling (pdf)

  • BFM-OGSTM Coupling (pdf)

  • BFM-MITgcm Coupling (pdf)

  • BFM-FABM Coupling (pdf)

Check out the complete scientific bibliography or get it at once with the BibTex archive.