BFM Report Series

1. BFM core manual (.pdf)

Vichi M., Lovato T., Butenschön M., Tedesco L., Lazzari P., Cossarini G., Masina S., Pinardi N., Solidoro C., Zavatarelli M. (2023). The Biogeochemical Flux Model (BFM): Equation Description and User Manual. BFM version 5.3. BFM Report series N. 1, Release 1.3, February 2023, Bologna, Italy,, pp. 104

2. BFM-NEMO coupling (.pdf)

Lovato T., and Butenschön M. (2023). Coupling BFM with Ocean models: the NEMO model V4.2 (Nucleus for the European Modelling of the Ocean). BFM Report series N. 2, Release 2.0, February 2023, Bologna, Italy,, pp. 30

3. BFM-POM1D coupling (.pdf)

Zavatarelli M., Pinardi N., Mussap G., Lovato T., Amadio C., Mentaschi L., Butenschön M., Vichi M. (2023). Coupling BFM with Ocean models: the 1D Princeton Ocean Model. BFM Report series N. 3, Release 1.1, February 2023, Bologna, Italy,, pp. 58

4. BFM-OGSTM coupling (.pdf)

Lazzari, P., Bolzon, G. (2023). Coupling BFM with OGSTM model. BFM Report series N. 4, Release 1.0, February 2023, Trieste, Italy,, pp. 17

5. BFM-MITgcm coupling (.pdf)

Querin S., Cossarini G., Lazzari, P., Bolzon, G. (2023). Coupling BFM with MITgcm model. BFM Report series N. 5, Release 1.0, April 2023, Trieste, Italy,, pp. 13

6. BFM-FABM coupling (.pdf)

Álvarez, E., Teruzzi, A., Lazzari, P., Occhipinti, G., Cossarini, G., Bruggeman, J. (2023). Coupling BFM with FABM. BFM Report series N. 6, Release 1.0, April 2023, Trieste, Italy,, pp. 19

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